Romantic autumn in Hanoi


The scorching heat has gone and a temperate climate has pervaded Hanoi, particularly at night and in the early morning as a sign of the start of autumn – or the romantic season as many people call it.

The capital’s beauty lies in its quiet streets full of yellow leaves, leaves on trees having turned yellow or red and picturesque sunsets at the city’s many lakes.

The signs of Hanoi in autumn are hoa sua (milky flower) in blossom on Nguyen Du Street, the scent of hoang lan flower overwhelming Phan Dinh Phung Street and its vicinity. These integral parts of Hanoi have inspired a large number of poets and musicians, including Phu Quang

Hanoians say a stroll on Thanh Nien Street between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake will help visitors fully understand what autumn in Hanoi is like and why it brings lovers closer. Autumn in Hanoi is very beautiful but many argue it is an even more romantic setting in October.

Capital folk say the autumn there has to be felt to be properly appreciated. This is why numerous poems and ballads have been produced but are considered unfinished stories, leaving the chance for others to continue the next chapters. By Binh Nguyen in Hanoi

The scene of Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi in daytime

Hoan Kiem (Sword Lake) during autumn sunset – Photos: Binh Nguyen


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