Cua Dai treasure is heaven on earth


The best thing about Vietnam is its beaches which are mostly untouched unlike its Thai rivals which are swamped by tourists on a daily basis.

I hope and pray that although the nation does have a healthy income from tourism, let’s hope the visitors invasion doesn’t ruin our natural beauty.

I have been to literally dozens of beaches in Vietnam but my favorite has to be Cua Dai.

Located 10 km from Danang City in Cam An Ward, Quang Nam Province, it is the perfect place to enjoy the sea, sand and surf and or course the seafood.

The beach goes on and on for about 3 or 4 km has water sporting activities of scuba diving, snorkeling and the likes due to the gorgeous bluey-green sea and the gorgeous white sand palm trees swaying to and fro in the gentle sea breeze. At times like this I feel all my stresses from working hard all week and my usual petty complaints about the crazy and noisy city of Saigon all washed away as I close my eyes and dream of owning my own house on the beach.

However, this time I was so lazy that I gave all the watersports a miss and just relaxed with my girlfriend, listened to music, had a few drinks and soaked up some sun. The beach has sand littered with coral reef pieces and little shells which I love because they massage your feet which are sore from all the walking we do and we must have covered quite a few kms in Cua Dai. It was a weekend for romance.

When the sun went down we enjoyed a delicious seafood meal and a few drinks before it was time for bonfires and partying. We went along for a few hours but decided to enjoy a romantic stroll along the quieter parts of the beach as we gazed into each other’s eyes and everything about the world seem just perfect.

However, those guys at the barbecue must have been drinking and dancing until daybreak and by the time we arrived early in the morning my newfound friends were sleeping on the beach looking a little worse for wear. I was going to leave them but thought that was cruel and woke them up before they went home as red as a lobster.

We decided to walk along the beach before we spotted early morning droves of fishermen heading out from the small fishing villages near the beach to catch the seafood which will become tourists’ meals later that day.

And of course as well as being located close to Danang and the delights it has to offer Cua Dai it is also close to Hoi An Ancient Town.

There are a number of famous resorts on the beach and all of them have private beach areas for guests only. Can’t wait until the next time we head to Cua Dai. By James Phan in Quang Nam

The gorgeous Cua Dai beach located 10km from Danang City – Photo: James Phan


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