VN history museum unveils new exhibits


Antiquities representing Oc Eo Culture are on display at the Viet Nam National Museum of History in an exhibition that presents a wide-ranging introduction to an important civilisation in the history of the country.

The exhibition, which opened on Wednesday, reflects a remarkable mixture of indigenous elements combined with influences from Indian, Persian, Roman and Chinese cultures.

The Oc Eo Culture developed in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta area early in the 10th century. Intensive archaeological excavations and research beginning in the 1920s have revealed the distinctiveness of this impressive civilisation.

The exhibition illustrates the origins, development and key characteristics of the culture through groups of artefacts including jewelry, objects made from precious metals, Buddhist and Hindu figurines, and pottery.

The 200sq.m exhibition was built up from an Oc Eo Culture showroom opened at the museum in 2010.

On Wednesday, the Museum of History also opened a new exhibition entitled Vietnamese Antiquities, which will run through August 25. 50 artefacts on display dating back to the Dong Son Culture of 1,000 BC were selected from private collections.

“The museum in recent years has drawn increasing attention from the community in its effort to collect and promote precious collections of antiquities,” said museum director Nguyen Van Cuong. “Many collectors’ societies have been established in various provinces, which not only provides a venue for private collectors but also helps co-ordinate efforts to preserve and promote the cultural heritage value of Viet Nam.

“The special exhibition will introduce to visitors the quintessence and the historical and cultural value of Vietnamese antiquities held by private collectors,” he said.

The National Museum of History is located at 1 Trang Tien Street in Ha Noi. VNA


Animal-shaped candlesticks dating from the Dong Son Culture are on display at the exhibition entitled Vietnamese Antiquities.
Photo: VNA


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