Ia Nhi Waterfall, a sleeping beauty in the jungle

y Hung Minh in Gia Lai Not many people know about Ia Nhi Waterfall in Gia Lai Province and do you know what they are missing out?

This very intriguing spot will reinvigorateyour soul as you walk through barren fields akin to a desert or stroll around the immense green fields or even gasp open-mouthed at the flowing streams surrounded by plants and creepers of a tropical jungle. The waterfall is 12 meters high making for a spectacular view of a white water stream with its thunderous sound. There’s a round-shaped pond beneath where tourists can swim freely in cool water or they can choose a big flat stone under the shade to enjoy a picnic.

Those who wish to get to the site should drive or ride on National Road 14 for about 60-70 km to Nhon Hoa Commune, Chu Puh District of Buon Ma Thuot City. Then you should ask local people the way to the waterfall, be careful as the road there is around 7km long with a harsh surface. Tourists are advised to be careful they don’t lose their way. At the end of the road, there’s a shallow but swift-flowing stream so travelers should be cautious.

Once there, tourists will be surprised to see that in between the desert and green fields is the beauty with white hair that is Ia Nhi waterfall.

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