Bunge volunteers plant mangroves in Can Gio

Bunge Vietnam Ltd., joined forces with the WWF to mobilize the company’s staff and volunteers for a community program to plant mangrove seedlings in Can Gio District yesterday to support greenery development in the city.

Shuichi Sato, general manager of Bunge said the objective was to help preserve the Can Gio wetlands and improve the natural environment.

Bunge Vietnam selected mangrove planting in Can Gio to preserve the important wetlands east of HCMC. Employees of Bunge in Vietnam and elsewhere in the Southeast Asian region volunteered their time and effort for this project.

“We set our goal to plant 750 mangrove seedlings on two hectares today,” Sato said. “With this project, we want to work with our hands and our hearts to make a meaningful contribution to the communities of Vietnam.

“We all know how important the Can Gio wetlands are to the people of Vietnam. Known as the ‘green lungs of Saigon’, Can Gio helps clean the air we breathe and protects against coastal erosion and storms from the sea,” he added.

UNESCO recognized the Can Gio Mangrove Forest as a world-class biological reserve in 2000.

Over the past two years, Bunge Vietnam, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bunge Limited, has supported construction of water towers for villages, school repairs and other community activities. By Binh Nguyen in HCMC

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