Tour of economic zones, historical sites and landscapes in Quang Ngai

Quang Ngai Province has recently introduced a tour to Quang Ngai City-Van Tuong-Dung Quat, taking visitors to historical, cultural sites and landscapes and economic zones.

The tour will depart from the provincial general museum located on Le Trung Dinh Street, Quang Ngai City. There, tourists can see many old photos, documents and artifacts from the nation’s revolution as well as artifacts of many cultures of Cham people, Sa Huynh and ethnic minorities such as Co, H’Re and Ca Dong.

The next stop is Van Tuong urban area which is famous for witnessing the expansion of King Le Thanh Tong 450 years ago and Hang Do Cave and Vuong Well.

The hot season is an ideal time for tourists to take in some golden rays glistening over Nho Na Beach and walk along sandy beaches in An Cuong and Phuoc Thien hamlets.

When the sunset comes, tourists can visit restaurants to enjoy fresh seafood.

Leaving the city, tourists visit Thien An Mountain which is located in Son Tinh District, about 2 kilometers from Tra Khuc Bridge. The mountain is 100 meters high and has an ancient pagoda on the peak surrounded by dense tree groves. On the top of the mountain, tourists will have a panoramic view of the immense rice fields, houses lurked under bamboo clusters as well the many boats drifting on the poetic Tra Khuc River.

Dung Quat Refinery is a must in the itinerary.

The site is part of the Dung Quat Economic Zone which is the base for oil refining and petrochemical industries, heavy industries of large-scale such as steel mill, shipbuilding, mechanics, cement production, automobile and light industries such as finance, banking, tourism and recreation and real estate. Then, tourists will be taken to Dung Quat Port to witness the busy ambiance of many ships anchoring there as well as trading activities.

Near the zone is Thien Dang eco-tourist area which covers 32 hectares. There, tourists can experience 10,000 artifacts of Sa Huynh, Champa and Vietnamese cultures. There are old money pots dating back to the third century and many ceramic works from the Dai Viet, Sa Huynh or Oc Eo cultures. Many old weapons from King Quang Trung era in the 18th century are also kept at the museum.

Another highlight is Khe Hai, a stunning beach in Binh Thanh Commune, Binh Son District. The beach is non-residential so it maintains its pristine and untouched beauty.

At dawn when the first rays of sunlight gleam over the limpid water, this is an ideal time for tourists to wallow in fresh waves. Children can also enjoy the water as it is shallow for one kilometer.

A pristine beach in Sa Huynh, Quang Ngai Province in the afternoon – Photo Binh Nguyen

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