Ban Sonate – a city getaway for café goers

By My Tran in HCMC

In this busy, cramped and blazing city, looking for a still and green getaway to relax and rejuvenate after stressful daily works and to feel life in a less hasty mood is not too difficult when people get to Ban Sonate Café.

Not offering many services such as 3D movies, drama performances, live music shows and not boasting a very fussy decoration, Ban Sonate Café is still suggested as a venue where café goers can instantly flee off the hustle and bustle of outside world.

Located at 52 Dang Dung Street in HCMC which looks less busy with people and vehicles than other streets, the café has its own space, totally separated from the outside buzz by a rock barrier and rows of bamboo trees. The café firstly impresses guests by the harmonious combination between classicality and modernity in its sophisticated architecture, highlighting the lightless and gentleness. Like its name, the sceneries create a musical mosaic with sweet melodies of piano pieces and eye-catching decorations.

The café has three different spaces for patrons to choose. The outdoor space is designed as a musical picture which is skillfully drawn with pebble path, a row of elegant light bamboo, tiny murmuring waterfalls on the stone wall, and lovely flowerpots cosseted on the solid platform, all creating a very lyrical and romantic scene.

The inside space is highlighted by glass tables and white sofa sets with red pillows, woodcut paintings, big lamps, and ceramic statues arranged along the walls.  Meanwhile, upstairs is called private and romantic space for couples as it is featured with greenness of lianas, and many kinds of orchid flowers, ornamental trees carefully grown in terracotta pots and many ferns and climbing plants on dark-blue stone walls.

The special thing is that rocks in walls are rugged and arranged unevenly, bringing guests a feeling of staying in a real natural setting. Along the foot of the rock walls are some pottery works made in shapes of sheep, fireworks or Christmas trees which will illuminate at nighttime as if lamps.

In the evening, guests will be served piano, violin and saxophone performances. At that time, Ban Sonate is more brilliant in warm yellow light when the music resounds from the white piano beside the waterfall, mixing the melodious sound of the violin and saxophone. All will make guests feel their hearts deepened, their mind balanced and their memories suddenly rush back while all tiredness and tetchiness are left out.

Guests have drinks at a garden corner in Ban Sonate Café in HCMC’s District 1 – Photo: My Tran

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