Mudbath the perfect tonic after long trip

On a recent trip to Nha Trang, our trip organizer told the group we were going to a nice spa and bathe in a product which will see our skin glow with health and vitality. We weren’t told that our destination was a mud house. We should have guessed as he smiled when he said it.

I don’t know if Thap Ba Hot Spring Mudbath made our skin glow or not but it was good fun that’s for sure. I recall the organizer telling us we had half an hour to be back on the bus, but most of our gang returned about 90 minutes later as there was so much relaxing to be had. First of all we got changed into our swim suits and showered before heading to our own private mud spa. After a long trip from Saigon it was the perfect way to wind down before dinner. Being in a spa, mud or otherwise, is more enjoyable in the evening I find.

So we got completely covered in the stuff and did the customary photo taking and even got a nice calendar.

Then we showered off once we got bored and met our bus mates in the hot bath of mineral water where we all managed to squeeze into. Apparently the hot mineral water and mud has magical health benefits.

So we had had our fun and it was time to get washed and dried off and get back to the others after collecting our calendar and more souvenirs completed an enjoyable day.

Thap Ba Hot Spring Mudbath costs VND100,000 each, with VND20,000 for swimwear and towel hire. The spa is located near Cham Towers Po Nagar in Nha Trang City.

By Nga Phan in Nha Trang

A couple has fun in the Thap Ba Hot Spring Mudbath in Nha Trang City – Photo: Nga Phan

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