Hoi An at full-moon is mystical experience

By Minh Duy in Quang Nam

Coming to Hoi An at full moon is an experience you will never forget. As darkness descends, all electric lights are replaced with cozy lanterns coupled with the animated sound of lion dance troupes on the streets and music performance shows.

But on the flip side strolling around the ancient town on a full-moon day is not really the best idea since the town’s three streets are mobbed with visitors. Local stores are full of customers buying any gifts they can with shopkeepers rubbing their hands in anticipation.

The town comes alive 365 days of the year with the sound of clattering cymbals and drum beats making a lot of noise in such a cramped space.

However, here are a number of photos recording rare peaceful moments in Hoi An.

The ancient town has its moments of quiet with some local kids playing a traditional folk game, while some travelers try to take a photograph of these children

There are a number of lovely restaurants like this in Hoi An but it is a hard job for tourists to find a table there at daytime or at night

A female vendor uses an English menu to sell rustic dishes such as grilled sweet potatoes and cakes – Photos: Dao Loan

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