Mu Cang Chai beautiful rice season

From mid-September, the rice flowers in Mu Cang Chai sentence starts bending, heavy. The hills covered by brilliant yellow of ripening rice, flickers between fields is a small wooden hut by the rice.

Mu Cang Chai Road is not difficult to go so many photographers used the motor to pass 300 km from Hanoi to watch the rice fields Mu Cang Chai. This year, the season of rice in upland areas of Yen Bai district lasted until the end of October. In towns like Tu Le or the La Pan Tan village, away Mu Cang Chai center about 50 km, rice is still green.

Terraced fields at Mu Cang Chai is one of the most beautiful terraced fields of Vietnam, just behind the field in Ha Giang. Invite you to admire the bright yellow season in Mu Cang Chai in the early days in October: Linh Phạm/



















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