Discovering sleepy Linh Truong Beach

City dwellers grab any chance they can to escape the dirt and smoke of Saigon to get some fresh air into their lungs in more peaceful, spacious and quiet places and the beach is a favorite destination to do just that.

Discovering a new beach like Linh Truong Beach in Thanh Hoa Province is a beautiful experience.

Of course the province has the well-known Sam Son Beach but I had never heard of Linh Truong until this first visit.

The road to the beach is very strange. The road is small with red-tiled-roof houses under shades of banana trees and the trail is so narrow that people think there is nothing special at the end, except a small alley.

However, visitors will be amazed as they are met by a clear blue sea. The coconut lines make the beach more romantic, with some villas studded along the beach, bringing visitors a glimpse of human existence.

The beach is considered a sleeping beauty which has been awakened, so it is a bit deserted and primitive.

Dozens of fishing boats anchor on the beach silently. They are in simple shapes, expressing the hardship of local fishermen and also playing an

important role in helping them to earn a living from seafood. Being friendly, nice and simple-hearted, locals will offer visitors fresh seafood at cheap prices. By Thoa Nguyen in Hanoi

Tourists play on Linh Truong Beach in Thanh Hoa Province – Photo: Thoa Nguyen

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