Den & Trang Cafe has it all

People not only come to city cafes for the drinks on offer; they come to find a peaceful spot to relax and forget about the stresses of life, meet loved ones, admire elegant decor and designs or even to enjoy music.

Coming to Den & Trang (Black and White) Cafe, guests will get it all.

Tucked on Tu Xuong Street, District 3, the cafe is a contrast to the stuffy, messy exterior of the street as a stone path under shades of creepers lures customers into an airy, romantic and peaceful space.

The name suggests that the cafe will be black and white and that is very true but thanks to a splendid interior design, the two contrasting colors are neutralized.

The cafe is divided into many different areas to suit all ages with different styles. For nature lovers, an open space decorated with green lively plants is a good choice. Next is  a closed space with soft music, decorated with an aquarium and artistic paintings – an ideal spot for important appointments, meetings with clients, friends or relatives.

There is also a cozy Japanese style area, where you can sit on the ground and have drinks, with pillows on a wooden floor to have fun while you relax.

There are live musical performances featuring guitar, piano or violin daily from 8-10 p.m. Den & Trang Cafe is located  at 47 Tu Xuong Street, District 3. By My Tran in HCMC

Den & Trang Cafe welcomes guests with a creeper trellis – Photo: My Tran

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