Colorful market highlight of Lang Biang

Many specialized jeeps run continuously from the foot to the top of Lang Biang Mountain. At the peak it is a sea of vehicles and people as tour guides try to keep the tourists in line as they talk on loudspeakers.

A few years ago this area was filled with only a few guests, now though, with the road upgraded and the peak area enlarged under shades of vast pine trees, it is a really attractive spot for tourists.

On the top of Lang Biang, with lungs filled with fresh air, tourists are dazzled by the miraculous and misty view. From a height of 2,000 meters above sea level, the mountain is filled with mist, forests, green grass or red-soil hills combined to create a poetic and magnificent setting.

Although I have stood on this same spot many times, I am filled with joy and feel refreshed as I take it all in.

Lang Biang’s beauty is not only scenery, though, as there is also a colorful market filled with ethnic people. The market is a gallery of multicolored craft products made of brocade fabric of Chil and Lat people who live on the foot of the mountain and try to sell papooses, hand bags, purses, jewelry cases, scarves or sweaters. With mat covers on the ground and an umbrella for each booth, the market is in full swing when we visit. By Nguyen Ngoc Tuyet in Dalat

An ethnic boy makes a brocade product in his booth on Lang Biang Mountain

A panoramic view of misty Dalat City seen from the peak of Lang Biang Mountain – Photos: Tuong Vi

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