Birds steal the show in Tram Chim boat tour

Flocks of birds of all colors fly just above the water surface of swamps and canals or high in the sky in Tram Chim leading visitors to the heart of the national bird sanctuary in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap.

Various bird species hover above grass-plots and areas of blossoming white and pink lotus when tourist boats approach.

A boat tour often takes in the grass-plots and the tree-lined canals criss-crossing the serene national bird sanctuary as these are home to both common and rare bird species, including herons, storks, pelicans, spot-billed ducks and water chickens.

The boat captain dictates where he will take his guests depending on the season. From February through to the end of April nature lovers have the chance to see red-headed cranes that are in the World’s Red Book of Threatened Species, fly back from Vietnam’s neighboring countries to their sanctuary.

Of course, it takes great effort and a lot of luck to see, with your own eyes, the extremely rare cranes. But these long-necked, long-legged birds are not the only attraction in the sanctuary covering more than 7,310 hectares in the heart of Dong Thap Muoi (Plain of Reeds) and lower catchment of the Mekong River.

According to the Eco-tourism and Environmental Education Center of Tram Chim, the sanctuary is the habitat for more 230 birds species with 32 listed as rare including herons and pelicans besides 130 species of native plants, 130 species of freshwater fish, as well as various species of turtles, eels, snakes and pythons.

A trip to Tram Chim in the rainy season is also special as when the lotus blossoms on and around canals, spreading its fragrance to the fresh air to lift the spirits of visitors on both rainy and sunny days. From a high tower inside the bird sanctuary, tourists have a spectacular panoramic view.

As many tourists flock to Tram Chim in summer, you should call the center early on (067) 3827436 or email to [email protected] to reserve a boat and book a room if you want to spend the night. By Mong Binh in HCMC

Various species of birds intrigue tourists as they fly in front of a tourist boat in Tram Chim – Photos: Mong Binh

Tourists on a boat trip in Tram Chim

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