Happy memories of Phu Yen

In my 30 years in Vietnam, I have traveled to many places around the country but this was my first visit to Phu Yen Province and I took my three-year-old daughter along for the ride.

This year is tourism year of Phu Yen, but it is regarded as quieter than neighboring provinces of Khanh Hoa or Quang Nam. I wondered if Phu Yen has less attractive landscapes than the others and decided to find out.

I asked Tuan, my driver for the trip, to take me to places that first-timers should see. So, the first site I came across was O Loan Lagoon, where I admired the land which is shaped like a phoenix hovering in the sky.

Next up was Da Dia Cliffs in Tuy An District, a place which Tuan told me everyone touring Phu Yen must visit. I was really amazed by the huge pile of hexagonal and pentagonal shaped basaltic rocks standing up as if they were arranged by a giant hand.

I suddenly remembered a photo that my sister took on a cliff in Scotland which has been recognized as a world heritage site, and I look forward to seeing the same title given to Da Dia Cliffs.

I also visited Mang Lang Church, one of the oldest churches in Vietnam where the first book written in Vietnamese is kept, then moved onto Long Co old village and the impressive small houses under trellis of paper flowers.

The driver also took us to many stunning beaches such as Om, Nom, Rang, Tu Nham or Tram. I was really happy as my daughter loved the small waves and sandy beaches.

Apart from the splendid landscapes, we also satisfied ourselves with the many tasty dishes of fish, clam and shrimp. I enjoyed them so much that I still crave for them and remember their taste and flavors.

My daughter was delighted to play with deer, rabbits and peacocks in the small zoo at Sao Viet Resort where we were based. By Thuy Vy in Phu Yen

A little girl plays with deer in an area of Sao Viet Resort in Phu Yen Province – Photo: Thuy Vy

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