Not merely beaches in Danang

The central coast city of Danang is well known for the white-sand beaches that attract throngs of local and international tourists. Usual sights at the alluring My Khe Beach in central Danang late in the afternoon are huge crowds of local residents mingling with tourists, mostly Vietnamese, in the crystal-clear sea. Meanwhile, the out-of-town stretches of Danang Beach are lined with medium- and high-end resorts, especially those for international tourists and well-to-do local holidaymakers.

But that’s not all about Danang. What’s more fascinating there is a 400-year-old tradition of stone art. Most of the time, visitors to the city are recommended to go to stone art stores to buy something for family and friends. This is part of most tour programs in the city.

I dropped by a stone art shop during my recent second visit to Danang but the art of turning huge masses of rock into tiny and huge artistic products was still highly appealing to my eyes.

Among the numerous items available at stone art outlets is Pixiu, a mythical hybrid creature believed to be a powerful protector of Feng Shui practitioners and to bring prosperity. It looks more like a winged lion.

Feng Shui practitioners should also look for masses of quartz that come with various colors, such as purple, yellow and pink. This type of rock crystal is believed to bring good health.

Fine stone jewelry ranging from rings and earrings to wristbands and necklaces, and countless numbers of handicraft items for the interior and exterior of the home such as vases, tables, chairs, real-life and mythical animals and literature characters can be found as well.

These stone art products are of course beautiful but heavy. But don’t worry. Shop owners offer home delivery services no matter where you live, inside or outside Vietnam. So why not come by a stone art store in Danang? You may not make any purchase but it is worth taking a look at. By Anh Khoi in Danang

The life-size statues of Gods of Good Luck, Prosperity and Longevity

A life-size stone statue of a topless woman

The head of Pixiu, a mythical hybrid creature believed to protect Feng Shui practitioners and bring prosperity

Quartz items for interior furnishing

Stone necklaces – Photos: Anh Khoi

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