Salangane’s call Hon Noi Island home

Nestled around 26 kilometers from the center of Nha Trang City, Hon Noi Island is home to many Salangane (Swiftlet) birds that nest in its stone cliffs. And the breathtaking East Sea location is only a 90 minute cruise from Cau Da Wharf.

Here are some photos of the wonderful island by The Saigon Times Daily’s contributor Huynh Nam.

The entrance to Hon Noi Island with its beautiful red and granite cliffs is like something out of a movie

Thousands of gulls hover over the island which is also home to the Salangane bird

An aerial view of this magical island, which has two stunning beaches for visitors. People often call this beach Bai bien doi (Couple beach).

The other picturesque beach on the island where the water is very clean and shallow and is ideal for tourists

Sam Islet, which holds Salangane nests, has been redeveloped to allow tourists to visit and take photos

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