City slickers go back to nature

We arrive in Phu Quoc on a scorching summer’s day; the sunlight is the color of honey as we take in the breathtaking island.

The resort is deserted which is a real blessing. The resort covers 20 hectares, but construction occupy only five hectares, leaving vast area of  grass home to billions of grasshoppers.

Under the soaring sunlight at noon, my little girl decided against her normal afternoon nap as she asked me: “Mom, go to catch grasshoppers.” So my daughter and I explored the grass land to play with the noisy insects.

I enjoyed one of life’s simple pleasures with agreements, contracts, workshops, events and disputes forgotten for now. My little girl also put out of her mind the narrow space of her kindergarten where teachers have to take care of around 40 children at the same time and are forced to ask them go to eat, sleep, play and study with military precision. Both of us enjoyed the spacious surroundings as grasshoppers reveled in their peaceful and abundant home.

There are no modern facilities at the resort such as a fridge, telephone or television but my daughter didn’t seem to care; she was in her element on the beach. We read books together; she did some drawings, colored comic books and made some sand castles.

We also explored the resort and saw many kinds of trees such as mango, jackfruit, almond, coconut, pine and some beautiful flowers. This was a great chance for my city-based daughter to learn about the countryside. She was very excited when she saw a worm, an ant, a spider, snake, squirrel or gecko lizard.

Under the sunset, we had a seat on the veranda floor and saw a flock of chickens having lunch. It was so quiet though. In the restaurant, there were no shouts of ‘do, do’, on the beach, there were no voices either.

The only thing you could see was young Swiss people reading, a French visitor taking photos and some couples walking along the beach.

Asian and Western tourists seemed to be infected by the stillness. I could only hear the sounds of waves crashing onto the shore, the wind blowing through groves and from some people whispering songs; busy insects on the grass and birds hovering in the sky.

By Thuy Vy in Phu Quoc

My little girl playing with cows on the beach – Photo: Thuy Vy

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