Thinking along Thu River

Apart from being admired for natural beauty, rivers are always associated with the history of economic development and cultural features in the regions where they flow through.

In Danang, the Thu River, also called the Thu Bon River, is considered a sweet milk stream that has helped raise many generations of residents on both banks.

For a long time the Thu River was famous for the craft of raising silkworm and weaving fabric and endless green mulberry farms stretching over the poetic bank.

Along the banks are many craft villages such as Thanh Ha pottery, Phuoc Kieu bronze, Kim Bong carpentry, Tra Que vegetable, Ma Chau silk, Phu Chiem paper cake or Que Minh conical hat as well as many specialties of Quang region such as Go Noi watermelon, Cau Mong beef or Hoi An corn.

Along the banks are a number of wharves and country river-bank markets with simple images of the countryside. Visitors will see mothers carrying gourds or some chickens and tea shops waiting for guests at the peaceful wharf.

The river is also a venue for numerous festivals and boat races taking place every year. By Ho Sy Binh in Danang

Twilight on Thu River

Thu River and Ca Tang Mountain

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