Fragile Son Tra is treasure of Danang

Son Tra Peninsula, which has for a long time been considered to be a green lung and wind barrier for Danang City, is famous for its long, white sand beaches, picturesque landscapes and primeval forests.

Together with Ngu Hanh Son Mountain in the south, Han River flowing to Danang Bay under the imposing Hai Van Pass, Son Tra Peninsula is a harmonious mosaic of river, sea and mountain and an ideal getaway from the city.

Stretching 4,000 hectares, Son Tra has a biodiversity system that is attractive to nature enthusiasts. It is home to around 1,000 different plant species, 287 animals, 106 birds, and 15 rare species which need to be preserved.

Recently, researchers have founded 106 red cheek gibbons living in the area that are also listed in Vietnam’s Red Book of endangered species.

Son Tra Mountain stands at 693 meters above sea level and is close enough to Danang City for tourists to take a day trip by motorbike to both the sea and mountain in Son Tra.

Surrounded by the sea and wooded areas, the peninsula has an extensive array of beaches like Bai Bac, Bai Nam and Bai But – heaven for those seeking water activities like swimming, fishing and sightseeing by boat or even exploring the coral reefs. With its strong winds and large waves, Bai Bac Beach is perfect for surfers. Bai But and Bai Nam are more gentle and safe and thus ideal for scuba diving. Mui Nghe or Bai Tranh beaches are home to 52 species of corals.

Above the rock, one can be hypnotized by the sparkling blue sea water, and in the distance, a dazzling array of colorful marine creatures and coral reefs mesmerize. By Ho Si Binh in Danang

Linh Ung Pagoda in the background of Son Tra Peninsula in Danang City – Photo: La Thanh Hien

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