Lotus adds to Bau Trang Lake beauty

Bau Trang Lake is a spectacular sight nestled in the middle of baking hot sand dunes in early summer.

With blue clouds all around, glistening sunlight on the smooth golden sand dunes and colorful lotus flowers, it is a beautiful spot.

From small clusters, the lotus starts to blossom around the lake when the season changes from spring to summer.

Bau Trang Lake is a famous landmark in Hong Lam Hamlet, Hoa Thang Village, Bac Binh District, about 65 km north-east of Phan Thiet City.

It is a fresh-water lake from long ago and is located amid the endless hills of sand. Bau Trang, covering about three hectares, has a depth of 19 meters at its deepest point and is blessed with lotus growing all around.

The appearance of lotus with its green leaves and pink flowers brings cool and peaceful surroundings to tourists, who can blank out the scorching heat of the south central region, especially in the red-hot sand dunes.

But there is also some fun to be had in the sun. There are off-road vehicles for hire at VND450,000 per hour to give the adventurous visitors a chance to conquer the sand dunes. There is also the opportunity to take an ostrich trip around the dunes for just VND30,000, a must to complete an amazing experience in the coastal area.

By Khai Nguyen in Phan Thiet

Lotus flowers blossom in summer attracting many tourists to Bau Trang Lake – Photo: Khai Nguyen

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