Dong Tam Snake Farm a must for Delta travelers

The Mekong Delta may well be a hot spot for tourists desperate to experience the floating markets, orchards, ancient pagodas, splendid islands and endless mangrove forests.

But Tien Giang Province, at the north of the Delta, is for the more curious travelers as it is home to the famous Dong Tam Snake Farm in Chau Thanh District.

The farm, located about 10km from My Tho City, is one of the country’s largest snake-breeding centers and maker of anti-venom.

The farm covers 11 hectares and is home to sheep, ostriches, yellow tortoises, crocodiles and of course snakes.

It is the country’s only snake museum and attracts local and foreign tourists alike with its ecological character and collection of over 50 types of snakes, including the poisonous ones.

Most of the snakes raised there are pythons and cobras. Visiting the farm, tourists will learn how to treat snakebites, how to remove venom and some of the uses venom has in  medicine and tourists can buy snake wine, snake flour, glue and anti-venom.

Near the site there are many restaurants serving tourists snake dishes including rice soup with snake, snake salad or fried snake bones.

Snakes are sold at between VND150,000 to VND200,000 per kilogram. One kilogram of snake can cater for a number of people.

After leaving the snake farm, tourists should kick back in a canoe and drift into the orchards of indigenous fruits, of which the Lo Ren star apple is famous nationally. Star apple is famous for its sweet taste and it is priced at VND150,000 for 14 apples.

Visitors on Road 864 along the Tien River should stop by Rach Gam-Xoai Mut historical relics in Kim Son Commune to find out more about Vietnamese history and learn of the victory of the Tay Son army led by Nguyen Hue against Siamese invaders in 1785.

The site covers two hectares and features exhibition house No.1 under the monument of national hero Hue, exhibition house No.2 near the river and an ancient house.

The site is surrounded by the endless green of coconut trees, bamboo trees and colorful flowers. By SGTO

Tourists take photographs at Dong Tam Snake Farm

A girl picks a Lo Ren star apple, a famous fruit in the province – Photos: Thuy Trieu

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