“Bird Café” in Tao Dan Park (HCMC)

Life in commercial Ho Chi Minh City almost always keeps you away from nature, but in Tao Dan Café you can still hear the songs of beautiful birds chirping.

Come rain or shine, workday or holiday, “Bird Café” in Tao Dan Park in the centre of HCM City is always very crowded. It has become a favourite haunt of people looking to relax and find a little peace.

One of Tao Dan Café’s main attractions is its collection of sweet-chirping birds. Every morning, aviculturalists collect in the café with cages in hand, talking amongst themselves with passion and sharing their experience of breeding birds, showing off their prizes or just listening to the birds’ chirpings.

They particularly love the minute when the bird raises its beak and chirps for the first time, bringing joy to old men who enjoy this with childlike joy. This has made Tao Dan Café a popular favourite with the elderly. Although many do not breed birds, they still love to hear other bird lovers share their experiences. By T.An, translated by Thanh Huong

A bird lover is an experienced bird breeder for many years.(Photo:SGGP)

 A corner of “Bird Café” in Tao Dan Park in District 1. (Photo:SGGP)

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