Han of god touches you at Phu Yen barrage

Han barrage is the epicenter of many small, beautiful streams flowing down from the Dai Lanh Range.

Located in Hao Son Hamlet, Hoa Xuan Nam Commune, Dong Hoa District in Phu Yen Province, it is a wondrous spot where people can see many stones uniquely shaped by turtles crawling on the water surface or stones with very smooth surfaces that could seat a handful of people.

In the sunny season, tourists delight in spotting numerous species of fish, crabs and shells swimming around. Birds sing in the sky as waterfalls echo from afar to ensure a peaceful setting as visitors get in touch with the beauties nature has to behold.

There is a legend about Han barrage that says once upon a time an army of fairies came down to this very barrage carrying many huge chessboards as they opened a chess festival. Apparently, the Jade Emperor in the sky asked them to return home immediately and in their haste they left all of these chessboards behind. As the centuries passed gradually the boards were turned into stones by rains and floods.

When tourists arrive at the barrage, they find many kinds of wild orchids and fern and some big colorful butterflies in the forest. If they are exhausted after a swim in the tranquil, clear blue water, most like to sit in the shade of some big trees to eat and play chess with friends or just enjoy a break from it all.

A must for travelers is to stop at a food shop named Oc 82 on Highway 1A, one kilometer from the barrage, to savor some delicious rural dishes like fish porridge, boiled snails served with ginger fish sauce and grilled fish with ginger at very cheap prices.

So, if you love a little adventure, pack your bags now and go to Han barrage this summer. It’s a treat of a lifetime.

A local woman scours the forest for firewood Photos: Kinh Luan

A panoramic view of the delightful Han barrage

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