Dress like royalty in Nha Trang

Near Nha Trang there is a holiday villa of Vietnam’s last king that is open to the public, where tourists can try on the King’s robes.

One of the floors of Nghinh Phong Villa in the Bao Dai Villa Tourist Area on Canh Long (Chutt) Mountain in Nha Trang is dedicated to preserving the royal atmosphere and costumes of King Bao Dai and his wife Queen Nam Phuong.

Nghinh Phong Villa is about six kilometers from the center of Nha Trang City. Take a bus or by motorbike along Tran Phu Street. Entrance is VND15,000 per person.

The villa is one of five villas that are named after nearby trees, Xuong Rong, Bong Su, Bong Giay, Phuong Vi and Cay Bang. In 1936, when Bao Dai came to the throne, he was given Xuong Rong and Bong Su villas to holiday in. They were then renamed Nghinh Phong and Vong Nguyet.

The building is a memorial to the king and contains many of his possessions and images of 13 kings of the Nguyen Dynasty. A wooden table and dressing-table on display were where royal maids would prepare the queen’s hair, make up and gowns.

If you’ve ever had a fantasy about dressing up in a royal robe or gown, there is a dressing room. Royal food is also served. By Dang Hoang Tham in Nha Trang

A young girl poses in the queen’s robes – Photos: Dang Hoang Tham

Nghinh Phong Villa was a favorite holiday retreat for Bao Dai King and Queen Phuong Nam in Nha Trang City

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