Son Tra – Danang City’s shield from storms

Son Tra, a beautiful peninsula with long, white sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes and primeval forests in Danang City is a must-see for bathing, sports, fun and fishing.

The peninsula is about 10 kilometers from the center of Danang City and is about 693 meters above sea level. Son Tra Mountain can be seen from all over the city and acts as a shield to protect Danang from ocean storms and cyclones.

Surrounded by the sea and forest, the peninsula is endowed with stunning swimming beaches like Baii Bac, Bai Nam and Bai. Many of the beaches have coral reefs so scuba diving is a developing sport.

The mountain has Son Tra National Conservation Park which is home to many animals, birds and plants.

Suoi Da (Stone Stream) is a fresh water source at the foot of  Son Tra.

From the top enjoy panoramic views of Danang City, Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, Ba Na Mountain and Chua Mountain.

Bai But Beach seen from the top of Son Tra Mountain – Photo: Kinh Luan

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