Villa H20, a great daytrip to relax

Villa H2O, an ecotourism site on a quiet street in the suburban district of Hoc Mon, is a great weekend escape from the hassles of work and city stresses.

The two hectare tourist site 18 km from the city  center has all the trappings of the old South – hammocks swinging in the breeze, rowboats rocking in the water, and thatched huts. A white bridge spans a big lake where you can fish. A stilted house in the water has billiards and table-tennis and places to sit.

On hot days the swimming pool under the areca trees is a great option or find a seat by the river to cool off in the breeze and watch water hyacinths drifting gently to nowhere.

When you have had enough activities, sample the delicious Vietnamese and Western food and drinks. There are also tennis courts, karaoke rooms, cottage houses and bungalows. The bungalows are priced from VND150,000 (less than six hours) to 350,000 per room. Villa H20 is an ideal place for parties, conferences, training courses or team-building activities. Another plus for Villa H2O is the great service and well-trained staff.

After a day at Villa H2O, you will be ready to face another week at work daydreaming about of flowers, butterflies and the radiant smiles of the staff.

Villa H2O is at 1/4C Dang Thuc Vinh Street, Hamlet 3, Dong Thanh Commune, Hoc Mon District, HCMC, tel: (08) 3711 0576 – 3711 2659.

By Kieu Giang in HCMC

A lake at Villa H20 – Photos: Kieu Giang

The fruit on this tree is written with the names of lovers

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