Quang Binh’s bird island

About 70 kilometers from Quang Binh Province’s Dong Hoi City, there is a deserted island called Chim (Bird) or Gio (Wind) Island that is home to many sea birds.

Two different boat services are available from Dong Hoi City to the island.

A four-hour boat leaves from Nhat Le-Dong Hoi seaport and there is a two-hour service from Canh Duong seaport in Quang Trach District.

The sky above the rocky island is always full of birds that nest there. Standing on the highest rock, the view goes forever in every direction, just miles of sea and endless sky.

Far from your computer you can sit and gaze on the ocean, listening to the waves and birds.

Not many tourists travel there because of the long boat journey, but a few go in summer. Mainly it is used by fishermen, otherwise it is untouched, the air is clean and the water is blue.

The local authorities are planning to promote the image of the island to local and foreign tourists, especially nature lovers who are interested in birdwatching.

Other islands in the province include Vung Chua, Yen and Doi islands.

VietnamPlus Bird Island is being promoted for eco trips – Photo: VietnamPlus


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