Nhan Tower in Tuy Hoa – witness of time

Nha Trang City is famous for its ancient Cham icon – Ba Tower that looks over Xom Bong Bridge, but Tuy Hoa City in Phu Yen Province is equally proud of its own piece of ancient Cham architecture on top of the legendary Nhan Mountain.


If you visit Phu Yen, the 800-year-old Nhan Tower is on the list of attractions with Da Dia Cliff, O Loan Lagoon, Xuan Dai Bay and Vung Ro Port.

The tower’s image is reflected on Da Giang River below, near National Highway No. 1. It was built by the Cham in the late 11th or early 12th centuries. The ancient brick shrine is 25m high, has four stories and each side of its square base is 11m. There are some walking paths and roads to the site.

The valuable vestige of Cham culture has survived many conflicts through the centuries and much of many of the carvings are well preserved.

The view from Nhan Tower is awesome. It looks across endless rice fields, the magnificent Da Bia Mountain and the winding Giang Da River. By Dang Hoang Tham in Phu Yen of SGT

Nhan Tower at nightime in Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province – Photo: Dang Hoang Tham


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