Colorful pagodas in Soc Trang

Even if you are not a Buddhist, Soc Trang Province, the land of pagodas, is a fascinating destination in the Mekong Delta. Because there are a lot of Khmer people living in the province, almost all the pagodas have the same colors and symbolism. Every pagoda is unique, however, so you can visit them all day without getting bored. Hereunder are some snapshots taken by The Saigon Times Daily’s reporter Doanh Doanh.

Doi Pagoda (Bat Pagoda) earned it name because of the bats in the pagoda’s garden. People say that bats never fly over the pagoda or eat fruit in the pagoda’s garden. The architecture of this pagoda is striking

The upper hand rails on Chen Kieu Pagoda are covered in a mosaic made from ceramic bowls

Dat set Pagoda (Clay pagoda) was originally a small temple established by hermit Ngo Kim Dinh in 1909. His son Ngo Kim Tong spent his lifetime making clay statues to worship inside the temple. The temple has recently registered as a member of Vietnam Unified Buddhist Church

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