Da Ton waterfall bushwalk

(Our bushwalking group wades across a stream on the way to Da Ton Waterfall)

Da Ton Waterfall is part of the Dambri group of waterfalls near Bao Loc Town in Lam Dong
Province. It is only accessible on foot, so it’s a great adventure for bushwalkers.

I went with a group and hired a local guide to take us to Da Ton, which is the second highest waterfall in the area. The path went up and down some gentle slopes passing green hills covered in coffee and tea.

Our guide, Ca Nhem, was from the Chau Ma ethnic minority. He was very skilled at finding the path through the bamboo and long grass. He showed us how to pick wild bamboo sprouts and told us all the different ways that his people use bamboo.

Sweat drenched our shirts through as we walked. The breeze that rustled the bamboo cooled us.  A stream murmured in the distance.

When we reached a wide mountain stream, our guide showed us how to cross it safely by forming a human chain linked by bamboo to the other bank.

The path on the other side followed the creek bank until we climbed up some rocks to the base of Da Ton Waterfall.

The fall was about 40 meters high. There was a lot of mist and noise.

After taking some photos and exploring we sat down for a picnic lunch before we headed back.

The fungus on this tree trunk looks like art – Photos: Lam Van Son

Da Ton Waterfall is the second highest fall in the Dambri group

By Lam Van Son in Lam Dong of SGT

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