See Tra Su wetlands in flood

The best time to visit Tra Su Cajuput Forest in An Giang is in the flooding season from July to December, according to one of the forest guides there. At this time, large areas of the forest become lakes that tourists can explore by motor-boat.

The forest has 106 colonies of water birds, bats and various rare and endangered animals and reptiles and over 140 flora species.

A 23m bird watching tower stands in the middle of the 845-hectare forest with a telescope for visitors to view the panorama and zoom in on some of the colonies of water birds.

It is possible to visit Tra Su, which is 20km from Chau Doc Town and 10km from the Vietnam-Cambodia border, on a tour that visits Sam Mountain, Forbidden Mountain, Tuc Dup Hill and Oc Eo cultural site.

Here are some snapshots taken by The Saigon Times Daily’ reporter Trung Chau during his visit to Tra Su.

By Trung Chau in An Giang of SGT

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