Feature films deal with social issues and humanity

Feature movies at the first Vietnam International Film Festival that opened at Hanoi’s National Convention Center on Sunday delve into social issues and humanity, according to Australian director Phillip Noyce.

Noyce, who is well known for The Quiet American, is quoted by the local news site VietnamPlus as saying the criteria for judging and selecting feature films are related to social and humanity aspects plus novelty, attractiveness, creativity and surprise.

Anthur and the War of Two Worlds of France was screened at the opening ceremony which was attended by more than 2,000 invited guests including local and international movie stars and producers.

The festival is showing 10 feature films from eight countries and territories, 12 short films and documentaries which are all introduced to the public for the first time. They will go on screen at the Megastar Cineplex, National Cinema Center and Platinum Cineplex.

The five-day event is aimed at promoting Asian cinematography and international cultural exchanges and cooperation, especially in Southeast Asia.

There will be eight awards including best feature film, best short film, best documentary, best director, best actor and actress, an award from the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) and an award to be selected by journalists. Source SGT

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