Terraced rice fields- a photographer’s dream

The first two weeks of October are harvest time for farmers in Mu Cang Chai District, an area famous for terraced mountainsides. The three communes of Che Cu Nha, La Pan Tan, and De Xu Phinh in the district have been recognized as national sight-seeing sites because of the picturesque rice farms. This time of year the scenery has tourists begging drivers to stop for a photo because of the glowing yellow of the ripe rice on the hillsides. In Mu Cang Chai you can admire these landscapes from just about anywhere on the road

Mu Cang Chai District is in Yen Bai Province about 300 kilometers northwest of Hanoi. Take National Highway 32, to Khao Pha Mountain which is the gateway to Mu Cang Chai District. From there the terraced fields stretch seemingly forever. To sleep, travel 50 more kilometers to Mu Cang Chai Village, where you can rent a hotel room for the night. There are many scenic lookouts along the way. By Doanh Doanh in Yen Bai of SGT.

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