Farmers diary show explores rural/urban divide

An art exhibition called ‘A Farmer’s Diary” by Phan Quang opened last night at the Galerie Quynh, 65 De Tham Street, District 1, HCMC.

The exhibition is supported by the gallery’s Emerging Artists Program, which was initiated in 2009 to give young Vietnamese artists a platform to present experimental work and develop their practice through critical discourse.

Comprising two site-specific installations, a time-lapse video and digital c-prints, A Farmer’s Diary is a photographic project that Phan started last year.

Images of both the countryside and city pervade his work. Attempting to reconcile urban and rural divides and highlight Vietnam’s accelerated socio-economic development, the artist presents a body of work that weaves his personal experiences with fictive scenarios.

The resulting images oscillate between dreamscapes and reality. Born in the farming community of Binh Dinh but now living and working in HCMC, he is the embodiment of the blurred boundaries between the city and the countryside. “I was born in countryside and many my relatives still work in rice fields, so images of farmers and immense rice fields never fade from my memory,” said Phan Quang.

The exhibition runs till October 30. By My Tran in HCMC of SGT

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