Ca Na, voice of sea

Ca Na, about 30 kilometers from the Cham Towers in Phan Rang City in Ninh Thuan Province, is a land of sun, sand, sea and wild forest. The three kilometer long Ca Na Beach on National Highway 1A is the pride of the province’s coastline.

The beach that some say is the most beautiful beach in Vietnam, is renowned for its crystal blue bay backed by mountains.

After lolling around in the tranquil sea you can prize oysters off the rocks at low tide to hold your own private sashimi party. The rocks can be slippery and sharp so it’s a good idea to wear some sand shoes.

On romantic night strolls under the full-moon, the sea glitters and the rocks appear like people sitting deep in thought.

You can also take a trek up the mountain to discover the wildlife and visit the pagoda. On the way up the mountain will also find fruit on the trees that you can eat. There are many large rocks in weird shapes like a human head, a lion, a Buddha and other animals.

Visitors to the province should taste bun cha ca (rice noodle soup with fish paste), one of popular breakfast dishes. Bun cha ca is served at almost all street-side shops and restaurants for only VND6,000.

By Anh Viet in Ninh Thuan of SGT

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