Hanoi in autumn

The scorching days of summer have gone. Cool breezes signal the autumn coming that lifts the spirit of Hanoians.

The walkers doing early morning rounds of Ho Guom can feel the approach of the much-talked autumn in the capital. They see the water surface of Sword Lake, as it is known in English, is like a mirror – so calm before the breeze starts.

The Huc Bridge reflected in the water of Guom Lake – Photos: Mong Binh

A lot of locals and expatriates jog for their morning exercise before work or stroll around to admire the lake and old trees and willows that are reflected in it.

Another crowd prefer sitting on the concrete benches to watch the sun go down and the lights around Thap Rua (Turtle Tower) in the center of the lake come on.

The ancient The Huc Bridge is lit at night, showing the way for visitors to walk to Ngoc Son Temple that was built in the 18th century on Jade Island .

Around the lake, the leaves of trees are turning yellow and the roof tiles on the houses, particularly in the Old Quarter, are becoming browner. Along romantic Nguyen Du street and by Thien Quang Lake, the hoa sua (milk flowers) are in bloom and the street cafés are full.

Hanoians say the best time to visit the capital city in autumn is October. It is the season that has always inspired painters and poets.

By Binh Nguyen in HCMC – SGT

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