The poetry of a waterfall in the spring QUANG NGAI

From Duc Pho Town in the central province of Quang Ngai, we went west across seven kilometers of road through thick sugarcane fields.

We passed through a forest before the road let out into a poetic clearing of rocks and water. We had reached Da Giang Spring in Pho Nhon Commune.

We followed the spring that runs smoothly through rocks as the sound of crashing water grew louder and louder.

Then we hit the cascade, dozens of meters high. The waterfall created dazzling white spumes when it hit the spring.

It was easy to find large and flat rocks to use as small picnic tables. We were given shade by the leafy canopy of the old-growth forest.

My friend, who lives in the area, used a local trick to chill our beers: he placed them in a small hollowed out space in the rocks that filled with cool spring water. Ten minutes later, we were quenching our thirst with cold beer.

Orchids in yellow, purple, and pink jutted out from cliffs. Such a soft beauty in such a mighty forest!

Reported by Tran Cao Duyen
The pristine scenery in Da Giang, Quang Ngai Province, where a tranquil spring leads to a sparkling waterfall (Photo by Tran Cao Duyen)

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